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ADHD Expert Webinars & Podcast Episodes – Index by Date + Slides

Coming here from our ADHD Experts Podcast and looking for an episode’s slides? Find the episode number you’re listening to and click the title. On the webinar replay page, enter your email address to download the slide presentation. Follow ADDitude’s full ADHD Experts Podcast in your podcasts app:Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify |…

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors: Understanding BFRBs in Children

Trichotillomania and excoriation sound like beings from a dystopian sci-fi novel. In fact, they are the scientific names for hair pulling and skin picking disorders, respectively — two of the most common body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs).

“Emotions are Contagious: How We Conjured a Calm, Collaborative Discipline Ethos”

The most consistent and complicated source of our discord in our household is not our teenage son’s ADHD. It is the fact that my husband and I are often at an impasse about how to manage his behaviors.

The ADHD Guide to Naturally Flowing, ‘Normal’ Conversations

Communication can be tricky for people with ADHD, who may interrupt too much, speak too quickly, or space out unintentionally and miss key elements of a conversation. As a result, many individuals worry that they will say something stupid in conversation, or that they’ll try so hard to appear “normal” that they end up looking…

“Does Everyone Have ADHD? No. And Why It Hurts When Neurotypicals Claim an ‘ADHD Moment’”

“I’m so ADHD,” people say. “I just can’t get it together today.” “Oooh, look, a squirrel!” “Doesn’t everyone have ADHD these days?” You’ve probably heard flip comments like these. I have. And if you’ve heard them enough, maybe you’ve internalized them as I have.

“New Semester, New Start: 3 Quick Tips for College Students with ADHD”

A new semester can bring a whole new rhythm to your days as a college student with ADHD — and sometimes change is hard. Avoid headaches, undue stress, and common pitfalls, and start the new semester off strong, with these simple tips.

31 ADHD (Re)Solutions: Transform Your Life in 2022

Click on each image below for more support and resources corresponding to each day’s (re)solution, and download the complementary (Re)Solutions calendar here. Check back each day for a tip! Day One: Small gestures can help maintain important relationships.

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