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ADHD Expert Webinars & Podcast Episodes – Index by Date + Slides

Coming here from our ADHD Experts Podcast and looking for an episode’s slides? Find the episode number you’re listening to and click the title. On the webinar replay page, enter your email address to download the slide presentation. Follow ADDitude’s full ADHD Experts Podcast in your podcasts app:Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify |…

The ADHD-Anger Connection: New Insights into Emotional Dysregulation and Treatment Considerations

Anger issues stemming from emotional dysregulation – while noticeably missing from diagnostic criteria for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) – are a fundamental part of the ADHD experience for a significant number of children and adults. Even when controlling for related comorbid conditions, individuals with ADHD experience disproportionate problems with anger, irritability, and managing…

Behavior Problems at School: A Complete Problem-Solving Guide for Parents

The phone rings. It’s the school — again. Your child is exhibiting problem behaviors; they are having a difficult day. Your gut response might be one of panic, frustration, confusion, and/or overwhelm. What now?

How to Break the Exhausting Habit of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Revenge bedtime procrastination is the act of deliberately putting off sleep in favor of leisure activities — binging Netflix or scrolling TikTok, for example — that provide short-term enjoyment but few long-term life benefits. Revenge bedtime procrastination is especially likely when busy schedules and daily responsibilities prevent the enjoyment of “me time” earlier in the…

Q: “I Need Craft Room Organization Ideas That Keep Supplies in Sight!”

Q: “How do I organize a craft room without forgetting about supplies tucked away in drawers or boxes? What are the best tips for someone who needs to see it all? Anything to avoid?” — JoInUK Hi JoInUK:

“How I Learned to Listen When My ADHD Brain Has Something to Say”

People with ADHD tend to talk — a lot. We talk because we’re excited or nervous, or because we just want to be a part of the conversation. Sometimes we talk simply to fill the silence because silence is hard for us. When filling these gaps or reciprocating interest or signaling excitement, I tend to…

31 ADHD (Re)Solutions: Transform Your Life in 2022

Click on each image below for more support and resources corresponding to each day’s (re)solution, and download the complementary (Re)Solutions calendar here. Check back each day for a tip! Day One: Small gestures can help maintain important relationships.

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