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#LivSHAM | Photos coming soon!

One of the dopest photographers out of NY, Kwesi Abbensetts, came through SHAM and flicked it up! Look out for the rest of the photos coming soon!

#SHAM & X Rated Fusion Liqueur Cocktail Hour

Don’t miss the X Rated Fusion Liqueur Cocktail Hour from 11pm to Midnight at LivSHAM this Friday, Febuary 17th!

Blend X Rated Fusion Liqueur w/ vodka or whiskey to create a SHAM Cocktail!

“X-Rated Fusion Liqueur is a sensuous blend of ultra-premium  French vodka and rich Provence blood oranges, mingling with mangos and passion fruit.”

For more information about X Rated Fusion Liqueur visit: Shows #SHAM Love!

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#SHAM in the Examiner!

click the article for more…

Special Thanks to the Author, Lorenzo Holmes. Follow his tweets at @CousinZO

#SHAM Set at #TheRave DC

(l-r) @MistaSelecta, @CamJus, @mane_squeeze LafayetteIV, ra_jahdc

s/o to Premiere DC [@PremiereDC] for 2 years going hard! #2yranniversary



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