SHAM Approved: Capital Bop Jazz Loft Mega Fest featuring SHAM Shop and Floating Gallery

CapitalBop’s innovative series at DC Jazz Fest culminates with June 9 Jazz Loft MegaFest

Collab with Taste of DC, SHAM + Listen Local First includes full day and night of …

“[The] D.C. Jazz Loft was the showcase that the local jazz scene has needed for years…. As great as the music, though, was the atmosphere. It was less a concert than a loose gathering; the musicians and fans mingled freely as though at a dinner party, laughing and talking and generally enjoying each other’s company.” 
– Michael J. West, Washington City Paper (#)

CapitalBop’s D.C. Jazz Loft Series at the DC Jazz Festival last year “brought a much-needed cool factor that had been missing in the eyes of the city’s young hipster crowd and older avant-garde stalwarts. [It] attracted multi-generational, multiracial crowds.” — DownBeat magazine (#)

“Really, does anyone do more for local jazz than … CapitalBop these days?” — (#)

“[T]he D.C. Jazz Loft shows have a strong DIY feel to them and give musicians a chance to play more original and innovative music.” — (#)

* * * 

At next month’s DC Jazz Festival, CapitalBop will build upon the success of its monthly D.C. Jazz Lofts by presenting three exciting shows that unite the city’s widespread creative community with its tremendous, longstanding jazz scene. The second annual D.C. Jazz Loft Series at the DC Jazz Festival comprises three concerts at alternative venues during the first two weeks of June, pairing up the District’s top jazz innovators with nationally renowned bands.
The series culminates on Saturday, June 9, with a daylong Jazz Loft MegaFest. This multidisciplinary, cross-pollinated experience involves music, visual art, film, food and more; it will run from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. and will be held at a converted loft space in Mt. Vernon Triangle. It features …
  • four bands, including D.C. native and NYC star Marc Cary’s Cosmic Indigenous;
  • food and drink catered by the Taste of DC;
  • a pop-up retail shop with vintage clothes and records, presented by SHAM;
  • specially commissioned art installations in a “floating gallery,” also by SHAM;
  • a screening of the feature film Icons Among Us;
  • a panel on the synthesis of jazz and hip-hop, hosted by Shaolin Jazz.
The MegaFest is our attempt to present jazz in a way that it’s never been showcased in this town – a way that’s especially hospitable to younger, artistically curious crowds, and also serves stalwart jazz fans,” said Giovanni Russonello, editor-in-chief of “This day of festivities will offer a range of experiences and ‘entry points,’ so that a bunch of people who might not otherwise decide to go to a jazz show can be exposed to the music in an exciting, fun environment.”

To make the D.C. Jazz Loft Series a success, CapitalBop is running a Kickstarter campaign, which ends in one week. Rewards include DJ time on WPFW, VIP tickets to other exclusive DC Jazz Festival events, signed posters, and more.

Performers at the D.C. Jazz Loft Series include D.C.’s own Christie Dashiell, a star member of Afro Blue during the last season of NBC’s The Sing-Off; Tarbaby, a jazz supergroup based in New York that includes the famous Orrin Evans, Eric Revis and Nasheet Waits; Kris Funn, a member of Kenny Garrett and Christian Scott’s world-renowned bands; and Marc Cary, the D.C. native who is now a star jazz innovator in New York City.
The full D.C. Jazz Loft Series lineup is below:

JUNE 1 (tix)
Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra + Christie Dashiell Quartet
Live at the Dunes, 9 p.m. & midnight
$10 online, $14 at the door, $6 discounted midnight set

JUNE 2 (tix)
Tarbaby (feat. Orrin Evans, Nasheet Waits & Eric Revis) + Kris Funn & Corner Store
Live at the Fridge, 9 p.m. & midnight
$10 online, $14 at the door, $6 discounted midnight set

JUNE 9 (tix)
Jazz Loft MegaFest [full schedule below]
Live at 629 New York Ave. NW, 3 p.m. – 2 a.m.
$12 online, $15 at the door, $10 discounted midnight set

Running all day & night “Floating” art gallery / Gourmet food & drink / Pop-up shop
3:30-6 Jazz Academy Youth Combo, directed by Paul Carr
4:00 Screening of Icons Among Us (side stage)
5:30 Shaolin Jazz: An Interactive Panel on Jazz and Hip-Hop, feat. Kokayi, Dr. Will Smith, Keanna Faircloth, DJ 2-Tone Jones & more (side stage)
7:00 Elijah Jamal Balbed + Tarus Mateen + Kush Abadey
8:30 Lenny Robinson’s Mad Curious
10:00 Marc Cary’s Cosmic Indigenous – 1st set
Midnight Marc Cary’s Cosmic Indigenous – 2nd set (discounted)

* * *

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