#TROPIXXX July 1 ft Skinny Friedman

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TROPIXXX: DC’s Moombahton Home.
Like Chuck Brown with Go-Go before him, Dave Nada has been credited with the creation of a new musical genre – “Moombahton.” With its signature rhythms and tempos, which have not only been embraced by the city but have now travelled to clubs all over the world, Moombahton serves as a true DC ambassador. When Nada relocated to Los Angeles to spread the sound, we were suddenly left with a gap where his Velvet Lounge Moombahton party once existed.

Into the void stepped DC’s own Cam Jus and Billy the Gent.  True Moombahton connoisseurs, their TROPIXXX Moombahton and Tropical Bass party is irreplaceable.

Since it’s inception over two years ago there has been no question that this monthly, first Sunday party has become the official home of Moombahton in DC.  With sweaty walls, cheap drinks and awesome vibes TROPIXXX always delivers.

Along with Cam and Billy’s significant DJ skills, they have hosted some of the genre’s top luminaries such as Dave Nada, Tittsworth, Alvin Risk, Torro Torro, and more. This month, we host Philadelphia based Skinny Friedman co-founder of Young Robot Records.

TROPIXXX, DC’s official home of Moombahton.  See you next Sunday.







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