SHAM Approved | Feathers & Missions at ‘Above the Bike Shop’

With the recent loss of Subterranean A  & Gold Leaf amongst others, DC musicians have found themselves at a loss for DIY venues with some even turning to WMATA’s lackluster public performance effort.  Hence SHAM’s wholehearted approval of the recently developed(and still developing) multimedia art and performance space tentatively entitled “Above the Bike Shop”–we’ll let you guess why.

Gorgeous loft space, in house sound, and art by Kelly Towles and Decoy just to name drop.  What’s not to approve?  Certainly not the bands–Feathers and Missions via Austin, the DJ–vANNIEty Kills,the live improvised wall projections by VIDKIDZ, or the cash bar featuring our favorite alcoholic beverage on the planet–the ‘combo’.

SHAM & ‘Above the Bike Shop’, perhaps the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

All photo by Ben Droz.

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One thought on “SHAM Approved | Feathers & Missions at ‘Above the Bike Shop’

  1. […] behind the new DIY art and performance venue “Above the Bike Shop” are at it again with an awesome mid week […]

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