What Type of Friend Are You? How ADHD Influences Friendships

Whether you gather new friends easily or lean on a few, long-term friendships dating back to kindergarten, there’s no flawed approach to build relationships. This is right particularly for people with ADHD, who regularly record that their signs complicate, challenge, and color friendships. The ones that paintings are those that settle for and have fun their ADHD.

Here, ADDitude readers describe the categories of friendships they gravitate towards and how their ADHD influences those relationships. Share your friendship taste and courting tales in the Comments section underneath.

What Type of Friend Are You?

“I fall in the Selectively Acquisitive Friendship Style category; I'm very careful and specific about who I label a ‘friend.’ Anybody who I don’t confer with as a friend is my ‘acquaintance.’ My ex used to giggle at this distinction, but it’s super essential as it is helping me make a decision how a lot time I spend with these folks, and if I make an emotional investment in them. Yes, I help everybody when in need, however I will do it much more for my designated ‘buddies.’” — BAT

“I’ve at all times migrated towards long-term friendships that can tolerate lengthy gaps in verbal exchange, in addition to friendships the place we can talk for hours about things we’ve read or discovered, or be just as happy sitting on the same sofa every immersed in our own hyperfocuses.” — Anonymous

“My husband says I’m like a semi-truck with an engine that’s too small. I really need to be buddies with everyone, but I have problem keeping up with the logistics of keeping up friendships (because of my executive function weaknesses and anxiousness). So, I have a long to-do listing of folks I want to text, name, electronic mail, etc.” — Anonymous

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“Since I graduated from faculty, I've had trouble setting up friendships. I think apprehensive about attaining out to doable buddies outdoor of paintings or other arranged actions; I worry that they are going to be too busy or fed up in doing things with me. I as soon as invited a co-worker and her husband over for dinner with me and my family. She approved the invitation, but a few days later informed me, ‘My lifestyles is just too busy — I don’t have time for any further buddies.’ That actually stung!” — Anonymous

“I choose intimate hangouts as a result of boisterous get-togethers frequently crush me. I tend to focus on a couple of long-term friendships, but being an army partner means I've so to pick up new friends easily whenever we transfer.” — Anonymous

“I most often gravitate toward people who excite me. I’m also just a little co-dependent and to find I seek for long-term, significant relationships.” — Anonymous

“I’m extremely worried around quiet folks. I start to do nervous chatter, they usually don’t reciprocate so I transfer on. I dread being round them! But I additionally get overstimulated in noisy environments. I like intimate hangouts with a couple of excellent pals who like to speak. I was the one that were given moved in fundamental college for speaking an excessive amount of. But then I’d make friends with the new desk.” — Anonymous

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“I would say I’m an ambivert. I will be able to be actually social for a few hours after which I’m socially spent. I have quite a bit of lifelong friendships but in addition make spontaneous new friendships. However, I regularly don’t have the power to maintain new relationships.” — Anonymous

“When I’m in just right social shape, I like speaking with everyone. I’m a little afraid to position all of my pals together in one room as a result of I’m now not sure how well they’d get along. I really like my ADHD buddies because they are a less judgmental bunch. If I’m overdue or crazy-spontaneous or any of the other quirks that include the territory, they get it. And they prefer me, for me. Recently, I noticed that I’m a social chameleon who adapts to the people round me, hiding the ‘unacceptable’ parts of myself depending at the company. As a outcome, I’m no longer positive who the unvarnished, unmasked me is — I’d like to find that particular person. It most certainly could be less disturbing and not so freaking keeping apart.” — Anonymous

“I truly want buddies who don’t want me to name on a daily basis or plan things regularly, but when we get together there seems like no gap in our friendship. We agree with that we are always there for each other. My highest friend and I may talk perpetually (we’re both time blind), and the topic can alternate mid-sentence or at least each two minutes. I am sure she has undiagnosed ADHD; we understand every other a ways too well!” — Glenda

“I have two other teams of buddies that proportion a not unusual pastime or paintings on initiatives with me. One staff plays board games in combination and everybody’s a bit peculiar, so I don’t stick out once I fidget, area out, or blurt out my thoughts. The other workforce is my band. They seem to revel in my power and hyperfocus, and the discipline that incorporates writing your individual song.” — Anonymous

“Growing up, I had a number of good pals. But after turning 22, I slowly misplaced touch with them. Now at age 50, I communicate to just two to 3 other folks day by day or weekly. I wish to steer clear of folks’s drama since it may possibly weigh down me. I want to ‘help’ and ‘repair’ their situations. I do know that I will be able to’t, so I simply stay to myself and concentrate on my very own existence and circle of relatives. It approach much less anxiousness, much less worry, and fewer items to shop for!” — Anonymous

ADHD and Friendships: Next Steps

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