“How Diet, Sleep, Exercise & Behavioral Interventions Can Reduce ADHD Symptoms” [podcast episode #217]

Listen to “How Diet, Sleep, Exercise & Behavioral Interventions Can Reduce ADHD Symptoms” with Sandy Newmark, M.D.

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Sandford Newmark, M.D. explains how meals, exercise and sleep can act as natural medicine for ADHD symptoms.

Listener testimonials:

  • “I found Dr. Newmark so balanced with real take house ideas to try and put into effect. Thank you such a lot for this tutorial podcast! One of the most efficient I’ve heard!”
  • “As a pediatric physician assistant, I found this podcast extremely helpful. My sister, who's our administrative center nutritionist, additionally is of the same opinion. We plan to begin implementing what now we have realized instantly. Thank you so much!”
  • “Loved Dr. Newmark’s clear and easy to know approach. The podcast incorporated many new ideas for me.”

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This ADHD Experts webinar used to be first broadcast live on April 24, 2018.

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