Your Free Guide for Controlling Clutter

imageStandard advice for tackling clutter — “make your mattress on a daily basis” or “match all your socks when the laundry is completed” — doesn’t paintings for folks with ADHD. Why? In most instances, a tidy bedroom and folded garments are just right issues, however you to find it too overwhelming to concentrate on staying arranged lengthy enough to get the task performed. And once clutter builds up, it may well take on a life of its personal — leaving you feeling utterly helpless and not using a idea the place to start out.

So what can you do? Follow the clutter-busting strategies integrated in this free guide, after all! The key to ADHD-friendly group is potency — get it performed quickly and make it as simple as possible. To do that, professional organizer Susan Pinksy advises adults with ADHD to follow those 4 pillars of organization:

  • Routine
  • Structure
  • Boundaries
  • Support

If you dream of a cleaner closet, a junkless junk drawer, or if truth be told having the ability to see the bottom of your kitchen sink from time to time, use the clutter-busting strategies on this guide. You’ll be on your way to a cleaner house — ADHD and all.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use best.

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