Your Ultimate ADHD Diagnosis Guide

imageAn correct ADHD diagnosis lay the groundwork for treatment methods, self-acceptance, and a extra productive life, however there’s one problem: There is no definitive technique to check for ADHD. No blood take a look at or electroencephalogram studying. No CAT or PET scan. No X-ray or mental testing rating.

There is, however, a logical set of steps that medical pros must take to result in a proper diagnosis — all of which might be outlined on this easy-to-follow guide. We’ll stroll you during the other diversifications of ADHD, what symptoms appear to be, what different prerequisites can resemble ADHD — perhaps confounding or adding to your diagnosis — and what tools and techniques and used to diagnose the situation. These include:

  • A medical interview
  • Medical history
  • ADHD ranking scales

If your physician makes the diagnosis too abruptly, doesn’t significantly concentrate to your issues, or doesn’t persist with the steps on this guide to your delight, it may be time to find a new doctor. Download this handout to be informed what a correct ADHD diagnosis looks like — and put your self or your child at the path to effective treatment.

NOTE: This useful resource is for private use handiest.

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