Free Resource: What Not to Say to a Child with ADHD

image People say some pretty insensitive issues, and the multitude of ADHD myths and misinformation out there don’t help. People blame us (or our kids) for behaviors managed by way of the condition, even when we attempt to teach them at the realities of brain chemistry.

Sometimes, however, even essentially the most loving folks occasionally say issues they remorseful about after a long day of challenging behaviors.

“You’re lazy.” “You’re not even attempting!” “Why can’t you just be customary??” These remarks — along with 7 different hurtful words — must be avoided in any respect costs if you need to advertise your child’s vainness, social skills, and sense of security on your family.

Here, our readers proportion some the phrases they believe must never be used to self-discipline a child with ADHD — regardless of what.

NOTE: This resource is for private use best.

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