“ADHD Over 50: Old Age, ADHD, or Something Else?” [podcast episode #218]

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A observe about this podcast: This podcast episode is designed for ADHD clinicians, but open to adults with ADHD. Although all are welcome to view the replay, non-clinicians may need to notify the pros with whom they work of this opportunity and percentage the audio and slide fabrics.

ADHD is a lifelong dysfunction, however it isn't known or diagnosed by way of clinicians in older adults as ceaselessly as it should be. ADHD is also extremely genetic, running thru generations of a circle of relatives. Baby Boomers grew up at a time when ADHD was hardly ever regarded as a plausible analysis. As a result, older adults with signs of forgetfulness and distractibility today might fail to understand that those lifelong symptoms are in point of fact ADHD.

Why is it necessary to diagnose and treat ADHD in older adults who've lived with it their entire lives? Because an effective treatment plan can alleviate debilitating signs like working reminiscence and executive function deficits, not to point out its impact on secondary prerequisites like despair and anxiety. Clinicians these days better perceive the idiosyncrasies and demanding situations of diagnosing ADD in seniors, they usually know that it’s never too late to make real, lasting enhancements in a person’s health and high quality of lifestyles.

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  • “Dr. Goodman used to be very helpful and the info and stats he used were very enlightening.”
  • “The presenter used to be excellent–very an expert and great presentation talents. Thank you!”
  • “Really stress-free presentation and helpful information!”
  • “Thank you very a lot for offering this data, as an ADD adult, I discovered it helpful and informative as an extension of ADDITUDE’s purpose to teach and empower ADD sufferers.”

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