“The Adult Guide to Shedding ADHD Shame” [podcast episode #269]

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Shame and ADHD are continual, if uncomfortable, partners. Adults with undiagnosed ADHD would possibly spend their lives believing that they're basically mistaken. They steadily develop a protecting shell that deflects the slings and arrows of judgment, but within that shell, they are deeply ashamed in their missteps. Shame is insidious — it impairs vainness and existence possible choices about relationships, employment, and your outlook on life.

The good news is that disgrace doesn’t have to be an enduring fixture within the lives of adults with ADHD, particularly after diagnosis. When you are able to recognize the dramatic affect of ADHD in your life, you'll kind out the differences between blame and responsibility, and start seeing yourself in a extra correct and forgiving light. Learning to depart shame in the back of is a rebirth for plenty of ADHD adults, one that is long past due and neatly deserved for many people.

Listener testimonials:

  • “So good. Thank you for talking about this fact and offering solutions, and from a credible and certain individual.”
  • “First time doing anything like this and the tears simply flowed within first couple of minutes. It so hit home.”
  • “Very motivating. Useful information and strategies regarding self communicate, taking responsibility, and the way to have conversations with a partner or supervisor. Great speaker. Thank you!”
  • “Fantastic! One of the best webinars I’ve heard on ADD. I’d love to listen more from this presenter. Wish it might’ve long gone on for any other hour or more!”

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