“From Shame and Stigma to Pride and Truth” [podcast episode #237]

Listen to “From Shame and Stigma to Pride and Truth: It’s Time to Celebrate ADHD Differences” with Ned Hallowell, M.D., and William Dodson, M.D.

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It is difficult to be other from maximum other people; taking pride to your differences is the first step toward navigating the arena effectively. ADHD and finding out differences come with demanding situations, however adults and youngsters with those stipulations also have a host of particular abilities, skills, and gifts. It is time to band in combination to stare down stigma — one particular person at a time.

Listener testimonials:

  • Always nice to pay attention Dr. Hallowell & Dr. Dodson — true pioneers and champions of ADD/ADHD schooling, wisdom, and pride.
  • I had no expectations listening to my first webinar on ADHD. But it was once so insightful. I now have some equipment to assist my 7-year-old handle his ADHD. And lend a hand me be a better mother or father to him. It used to be a reminder I shouldn’t be too laborious on him and as an alternative encourage him more. I glance ahead to the next one. Thank you such a lot in your work!
  • Thank you for explaining about disclosure of ADHD. I made the mistake of telling everybody and am reaping the rewards day-to-day. My son and I each have ADHD, and that makes our family other. I believe empowered after listening to the webinar and I haven’t felt that way in a few years.” 

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This ADHD Experts webinar used to be first broadcast live to tell the tale October 31, 2018.

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