“How to Unleash Your ADHD Teen’s Superpowers” [podcast episode #198]

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Tweens and teens with ADHD as of late are pioneers, maneuvering during the unexplored terrain and demanding situations of the virtual age. It’s easy to see why our children start to consider their self-worth is measured in “Likes,” relatively than a powerful sense of inner self. And particularly heartbreaking to watch their vainness plummet on the identical time that ADHD-exacerbated mood issues, nervousness, and private expectancies spike to bad ranges.

The fact is, these superb young adults need new equipment to no longer most effective prevail on their thrilling adventure, while still keeping up an original sense of self. When personal growth calls for the discomfort and challenge of dealing with unknowns, we will give the future technology the development blocks and self belief essential to flip their superhero capes and jump.

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