“Everything in Its Place: The ADHD Guide to Better Organization” [podcast episode #256]

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Do you stroll into a disorganized room and to find your self paralyzed and beaten — unsure where or how to observe order? Do you many times spend time and money on organizing solutions that don’t paintings? Do you place in constant effort but by no means feel arranged? Or maybe exactly what you wish to have to do yet for some reason why you'll be able to’t get started? If you will have ADHD and also you’ve been suffering with group, it doesn’t mean there's something improper with you. It approach it is time to start running with your ADHD brain, now not in opposition to it.

Listener testimonials:

  • “I have encountered so many books, magazines articles, techniques, and planners that didn’t assist, and simplest made me feel extra fearful about organization. This has been the maximum helpful, concise, and achievable plan I've come throughout.”
  • “I really admire Lisa’s sensible guidelines.”
  • “This used to be my first ever webinar. I will not hesitate to join another! This was VERY helpful and motivating! Thank you for providing this opportunity!

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