“Get Things Done: ADD-Friendly Productivity Strategies for Adults” [podcast episode #270]

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Adults with ADHD are all the time looking for new ways to be more effective and productive of their lives. But being attentive to productivity strategies from most sensible gurus will get you nowhere. Experts don’t consider the best way the original wiring of the ADHD brain. Those with ADHD want ADD-friendly approaches to be their most productive.

People with ADHD must think out of the neurotypical field to boost their productivity in on a regular basis life. They to be engaged and interested in the process they’re operating on and use tools which might be in sync with their otherwise wired mind. The excellent news is that most adults with ADHD can assemble a productivity toolbox that works for them. It’s time to embrace and use ADHD-specific approaches to assist them get things done.

Listener testimonials:

  • “So good. Thank you for talking about this reality and providing solutions, and from a credible and sure particular person.”
  • “First time doing anything else like this and the tears simply flowed within first couple of minutes.  It so hit home.”
  • “Very motivating. Useful data and strategies regarding self communicate, taking duty and easy methods to have conversations with spouse, supervisors. Great speaker. Thank you!”
  • “Fantastic! One of the best webinars I’ve heard on ADD. I’d love to listen to more from this presenter. Wish it would’ve gone on for some other hour or more!”

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