“How to Build a Better IEP or 504 Plan for Your Child with ADHD” [podcast episode #227]

Listen to “How to Build a Better IEP or 504 Plan for Your Child with ADHD” with Susan Yellin, Esq., and Paul B. Yellin, M.D.

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Whether your child has a 504 Plan or an IEP, the important thing to an effective plan is to in point of fact perceive your child’s profile of strengths and demanding situations and then to build an IEP or 504 Plan with particular interventions to deal with his breakdown points, whilst enabling him to access content and to show his wisdom.

It could also be vital to understand that both the 504 Plan and IEP need to provide FAPE – a loose, suitable, public education, which is able to come with a big range of services, helps, and changes. These can come with particular education instruction; modified curriculum; comparable services and products akin to speech and language therapy, occupational remedy, counseling, bodily remedy; and ADHD accommodations, just for examples.

Parents want to identify what is working – and what isn't – in the classroom and paintings with the IEP Team (and 504 Team, if your district permits parental participation) to craft thoughtful, confirmed learning strategies to permit get admission to to content material and techniques to demonstrate what their child knows, whilst working to make stronger spaces of challenge.

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  • “Excellent finding out opportunity for oldsters trying to toughen their child with a finding out incapacity in school. I in point of fact admire this knowledge. Extremely useful.”

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This ADHD Experts webinar was once first broadcast continue to exist August 21, 2018.

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