“Engaging Career Paths for Teens and Young Adults with ADHD” [podcast episode #268]

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ADHD brings huge strengths at the activity — if that job is a superb fit. But no longer all professions are ADHD pleasant, and not all employers perceive the strengths that ADHD minds carry to the workforce. The truth is, it isn't always the accountability of the employer to switch the paintings surroundings to check an worker’s talents and wishes. It is your accountability to assist your teenager or young adult explore career choices that will result in luck, and select properly at a young age.

This might seem a daunting challenge, but if teens and young adults are truthful about their strengths — and acutely aware of their weaknesses — they may be able to make a selection a job or career to maximise their possibilities of success. The actual trick is final open to the concept that faculty is not the best path to good fortune for many scholars, and exploring all alternatives. From there, it’s an issue of ceaselessly development place of job talents after deciding on a career, or strengthening executive functions after deciding to pursue school.

Listener testimonials:

  • “Today’s seminar was once outstanding and very helpful as my son prepares to graduate from HS this year. Thank you for the nice info!”
  • “Great knowledge! My child remains to be in elementary faculty with center faculty and high school nonetheless out there, however I like the theory of maximizing summer season to seek out passions!”
  • “Fabulous, thank you for normalizing various routes to careers.”
  • “Bring Rick Fiery again once more!! Best recommendation I’ve ever heard relating to ADHD from a college vs. career slant! Excellent advice and great presenter!”

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