“How to Parent Your Child or Teen with ADHD Like a Coach” [podcast episode #223]

Listen to “How to Parent Your Child or Teen with ADHD Like a Coach” with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC, and Diane Dempster

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If you’ve attempted to use reward methods, get started a planner habit, or in a different way create a consistently structured atmosphere for a child with ADHD, ODD or nervousness, then you definitely know it never works in real life like it does in the books. You want to get issues organized in your house — to make family and school lifestyles run extra smoothly — but consistency is fleeting, if it sticks in any respect. You put reminders in place with best the most efficient intentions, but they infrequently paintings as you deliberate. And, wow, that’s irritating.

Systems and buildings only prevail while you center of attention on the trade you’re trying to succeed in, and you'll be able to be informed to do that with a “trainer method” to problem solving. Here, learn the way to get things done — without shouldering every responsibility yourself.

Listener testimonials:

  • “Personally I'm so GRATEFUL for the time, analysis, practicality, and honesty that y’all put into this webinar. Thank you for these invaluable methods.”
  • “This was probably the most informational yet simple (in a wonderful means!) webinars I have had the excitement of listening to. Great data!”
  • “Very useful in what to take note while setting up systems and constructions. Some pattern machine print outs would had been useful.”

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