“How to Support (Not Enable) Children with ADHD at School” [podcast episode #195]

Listen to “How to Support (Not Enable) Children with ADHD at School” with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC, and Diane Dempster, M.A.

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Is homework hijacking your evenings? Do you dread tests greater than your child does? Are you “serving to” greater than you should? Do you lie wide awake at evening being worried about your child’s luck at school? The fantastic line between supporting your kid with ADHD and enabling her or him is a blurred one for most oldsters, particularly when it comes to schoolwork. Knowing when to let your kid arrange assignments on his personal (and risk failure), and when it's suitable to support him with steering and help is incredibly tough. Here, find out how to switch accountability to your child so that she is going to turn into an independent scholar over the years.

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