“Stronger Than You Think: A Guide to Empowering Women with ADHD” [podcast episode #201]

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As a girl with ADHD, it’s simple to lose your self in day-to-day chaos. Again and once more, you screw up, say sorry, and check out to do better. But you get tired of disappointing others — and yourself. You in finding it exhausting to dream big when the eating room table is covered in piles. Is there extra to life than de-cluttering closets and atmosphere timers? Yes! But to reach it you first must believe that you had been meant to do one thing amazing with your life.

Here, we’ll talk candidly about the frustrations of proudly owning an ADHD brain, and we’ll “reframe” the ones problems with sure actions you can take to trade your existence. You deserve the wealthy, deeply rewarding existence you’ve at all times dreamed of. Start now.

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