“Back-to-School Starts Now: Your Plan for Academic, Behavioral & Organizational Success” [Video Replay & Podcast #222]

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If your kid struggled at school ultimate yr, chances are you'll really feel equivalent portions fearful and determined about starting a brand new grade with new challenges and new academics. You wish to do the whole thing in your energy to set up your scholar for luck. But what does that look like, precisely? Having lived (and triumph over) this challenge together with her son over 12 instructional years, Chris Dendy, M.S. — a former teacher and the creator of a number of most sensible books on teens and ADHD — has devised a back-to-school game plan stuffed with insightful recommendation and lessons learned.

In this webinar, you are going to be told:

  1. Create a novel back-to-school plan to satisfy your kid’s particular needs
  2. Understand ADHD’s manifestations in the classroom, and find tactics to deal with it
  3. Educate your self, your kid, and the instructor about ADHD
  4. Identify how key intervention issues — late spring, sooner than college, and after faculty — can fortify your kid’s possibilities of good fortune
  5. Establish routines at home that may maximize your child’s probabilities of faculty success
  6. Write a short lived positive introductory letter about your kid that assist a brand new trainer admire his or her skills and persona

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Meet the Expert Speaker

Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M.S., is a former educator, faculty psychologist, and mental health counselor and administrator with over 40 years experience.

Her well-liked books, many created in collaboration with her son Alex Zeigler, include Teenagers with ADD, ADHD, & Executive Function Deficits, 3rd Ed (120,000+ offered); Teaching Teens with ADD, ADHD, & Executive Function Deficits, 2nd Ed; A Bird’s-Eye View of Life with ADHD & Executive Function Deficit…a ten years later replace. 3rd Ed.; Successfully Launching ADHD Youth into Adulthood, coauthored with Ruth Hughes, Ph.D., which might be published in past due 2019. Her videos, also created in collaboration with her son Alex, include Real Life ADHD! The Real Experts on ADHD! and Father to Father: Expert Advice on ADHD! Dendy’s iconic ADHD Iceberg Poster conveys the complexities of ADHD at a easy look. | See expert’s full bio »

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Listener testimonials:

  • “One of my favorite audio system and writers on ADHD and LD, excellent and insightful info.  Thank you!”
  • “This webinar was EXCELLENT! She had so many nuggets of wisdom and actual global examples for improvements. Loved it.”
  • “The presenter was once glorious and hit on many key problems I have skilled with my son who has ADHD.”
  • “Thank you this was SO helpful! My kid just had an incident in class yesterday and this helped connect more dots.”

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