“IEP or a 504 Plan: Which Is Best for Your Child?” [podcast episode #234]

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Which academic plans, programs, lodging, and services will assist my child learn and achieve school? It’s the question each mum or dad asks — specifically if their child has ADHD — and the one that’s hardest to answer because it relies so closely on every child’s strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. As a consequence, oldsters are regularly perplexed about the benefits of an IEP vs. a 504 Plan, they usually don’t know the way to determine which resolution would best meet their child’s demanding situations.

This webinar will spotlight key advantages and downsides of IEPs and 504 Plans for children with ADHD. It will lend a hand folks establish the answer best suited for their child. And it will train parents methods for maximizing school services and products and minimizing the danger that educators will fail to implement these beneficial plans.

Listener testimonials:

  • “My first webinar. Excellent speaker and moderator. Thanks for sharing slides.”
  • “A lot of excellent information. It was just about going too speedy for me to process! But I know I will pay attention once more to it, so that will lend a hand. Thank you such a lot for your work!”
  • “I used to be honestly stunned that an IEP won't observe my son to university. I can be contacting my 9-year-old’s faculty for furthering questioning about several things I learned as of late. Thank you for the nice info.”

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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on October 9, 2018. 

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Matthew Cohen, J.D., is a member of the ADDitude ADHD Medical Review Panel.

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