“9 Ways Occupational Therapy Tackles the Symptoms of ADHD” [podcast episode #208]

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Your kid struggles to stick arranged, and none of your tried-and-true strategies work. Your child can’t self-monitor or keep on-task during homework, and he does not appreciate your reminders. Your child’s motor coordination is weak, and you are feeling powerless to help.

If this sounds acquainted, you aren't alone. Attention problems could cause youngsters to really feel out of sync with the demanding situations of school, house, and of mastering life skills. These struggles may end up in tension, anxiousness, and deficient self-esteem.

As a mother or father, you can be using quite a bit of therapies — training, counseling, running with tutors, drugs — to regulate your child’s symptoms. Occupational therapy will have to be one of them. OT improves the skills youngsters want for day-to-day dwelling and offers them the self assurance to reach existence. What’s more, oldsters can use OT strategies at house to assist their kids thrive.

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