“Beyond Dyslexia: Overcoming Reading Challenges for Kids with ADHD” [podcast episode #187]

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Dyslexia is a reading disorder, but now not all reading issues are dyslexia (which is a surprise to many fogeys and even some reading specialists). One in five young scholars struggles with reading. Knowing the source of the reading downside and recognizing that symptoms can range extensively even amongst children with the same diagnosis are each vital for making plans the correct plan of action. Here’s the best way to broaden a plan for your child and to carry pleasure to the reading process. Dr. Robin McEvoy explains the common assets of reading challenges and the methods to triumph over them.

Listener testimonials:

  • “An excessively informative podcast. Will proportion the sorts of accommodations with my nephew & niece who've an Eight year with ADHD. Loved the ideas for encouraging a reluctant reader. Thank you!”
  • “Great presentation of knowledge. As a certified Orton-Gillingham tutor, I appreciated your rationalization that some colleges don't enforce the method as supposed. Parents suppose their student is getting Orton-Gillingham at school when in fact it is a watered-down program with bits and pieces missing. Thanks!”
  • “Loved this speaker and located the subject extraordinarily really helpful. Robin McEvoy used to be fantastic and I got nice information to use with my daughter – Thanks so much!!!”

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