“The Social Lives of Boys with ADHD: Why Traditional Therapy and Social Skills Groups Rarely Work”[podcast episode #249]

Listen to “The Social Lives of Boys with ADHD: Why Traditional Therapy and Social Skills Groups Rarely Work” with Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW

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“My son hated going to therapy; he complained that the therapist attempted to get him to talk about emotions each week.”

“We’ve attempted counseling a couple of occasions, however my son truly didn't get anything else out of it.”

“My son refuses to go to his ‘lunch bunch’ social skills staff in class.  He says all the youngsters in it are bizarre.”

The questions sent to ADDitude’s ADHD in Boys professional, social worker Ryan Wexelblatt, come from folks across the country who face a common challenge: How do you help a boy with ADHD who struggles to establish and deal with friendships, master his govt functions, and take responsibility for his own actions?

Listener testimonials:

  • Ryan was once the most productive presenter I’ve heard within the Four years I’ve been studying about how to parent my now 10-year-old son. Thank you.”
  • “This was essentially the most informative and useful details about ADHD I have ever heard. He really spoke so many truths, it was incredible.”
  • “The center of attention on boys is favored & wanted!”

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