“A Summer Schedule for Kids with ADHD: How to Balance Fun, Independence, & Structure” [podcast episode #210]

Listen to “A Summer Schedule for Kids with ADHD: How to Balance Fun, Independence, & Structure” with Sarah A. Tannenbaum, Psy.D.

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The school yr is winding down, and your child is understandably fantasizing of lazy summer days free from homework, alarms, and pressure. You are able for a damage, too, and hopeful your kid will take pleasure in down time, a medication destroy, and some severe running round. Your summer fantasy sounds enjoyable and amusing, however it's going to in fact cause more problems and sleepless nights.

Why? Children with ADHD thrive on structure. When you strip away the school-year routine completely, crisis continuously ensues. Instead, take a measured approach to summer by operating with your child to establish schedules and goals, and to create an atmosphere that fosters a laugh and relaxation — and symptom regulate.

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