“Is It Really ADHD? How to Get the Diagnosis Right” [podcast episode #180]

Listen to “Is It Really ADHD? How to Get the Diagnosis Right” with Thomas Brown, Ph.D.

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Thomas Brown, Ph.D., explains how to keep away from common ADHD diagnosis pitfalls along with his step by step plan.

Listener testimonials:

  • “All of the podcasts are fascinating and useful but that is the absolute best one up to now! I am going to have my family concentrate to it. My daughter minimizes her ADHD when requested about it even though she struggles with it. Some of the assessments he discussed described her state of affairs. Thank you for this!!”
  • “So informative! I'm so grateful for those neatly arranged and presented talks!”
  • “Very helpful, obviously presented knowledge. Thank you such a lot for offering those podcasts.”

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