“Understanding Dyscalculia: Is It Math Anxiety or a Learning Disability?” [podcast episode #224]

Listen to “Understanding Dyscalculia: Is It Math Anxiety or a Learning Disability?” with Daniel Ansari, Ph.D.

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Dyscalculia is a life-long condition that makes math-related duties arduous or even painful. Though it’s nearly as commonplace as dyslexia (more or less 7% of U.S. students have dyscalculia), this learning disability is neither well known nor fully understood. Students with dyscalculia would possibly battle with more than a few math concepts and tasks. They won't perceive amounts or concepts like largest vs. smallest. They would possibly not remember the fact that the numeral 5 is the similar because the phrase five. So what are the most typical indicators of dyscalculia? How can you lend a hand a kid who is struggling with it?

Listener testimonials:

  • “Well delivered and far knowledge that will help me in teaching students with difficulties in arithmetic in basic college. I will be able to use the whole thing shared.”
  • “Great subject. As an educator it helped in backing up my emotions about deficient appearing students and what may well be happening.”
  • “Very effectively carried out!  Speaker was once arranged, and slides had been superb. Thank you!”
  • “Great knowledge, useful element and explanations.  I'm an adult with these symptoms since my very own formative years, so I am glad to listen to those discussions.”

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