A Practical Guide to Positive Parenting

If you’re elevating a kid who has ADHD, you almost certainly spend a lot of time focusing on his weak issues — deliberately or no longer. There’s not anything fallacious with trying to work in your child’s impulsivity or loss of focus — if truth be told, it’s vital for parents to accomplish that.

But focusing too intently to your kid’s shortcomings could also be doing a number on his self-esteem. How are you able to stay him believing in himself while additionally respecting the rules?

Start through the use of the positive parenting techniques in this video.

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A Practical Guide to Positive Parenting

Nagging doesn’t paintings. Neither does yelling or spanking.

Why? These punishments best tear down children — which is especially counterproductive for kids with ADHD.

So how are you able to boost your child’s self-esteem — and nonetheless put into effect the principles? Start with those positive parenting tactics.

1. Be a behavior detective.

Pay close consideration to what your child does smartly.

Find tactics to extend those accomplishments to different spaces.

2. Use the right words on the proper time.

The key to efficient reward is timing.

Lauding each and every motion will seem phony. Offer authentic encouragement when your kid actually succeeds.

3. Set up a rewards machine.

Reward successes with gold stars that your kid can cash in for a reward.

This offers your child real-world objectives and long-term motivation.

4. Expand your definition of success.

Straight As aren’t the only measure of intelligence or talent.

Your child is also a herbal artist, or a four-star chef within the making.

5. Discipline fairly and constantly.

Positive parenting isn’t giving your child a unfastened move.

It’s consciously noting the good along the bad – even when punishment is important.

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