8 Paper Planners That Will Change Your Life

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ADHD Brains Love Paper Planners

“Many ADDitude readers like Time Timers and out of date Moleskin calendars. What products or apps do you utilize to control your time?” When we asked this question in a survey completed by 1,342 ADDitude readers closing month, the solution got here again loud and clear: We like paper planners. No, we love them. And no unmarried app in the marketplace can substitute that satisfying feeling of writing down a task or appointment, assigning it a deadline, and then bodily crossing it off. Something within the ADHD brain lighting fixtures up after we put pen to paper — that much we can (mostly) agree on. But with such a lot of planners available in the market, which one should you choose — particularly in the event you’re faced with analysis paralysis? Here are our readers’ best selections — the planners they have road examined and counsel to the rest of us. Please word that all prices have been correct and items have been in stock at the time of publishing.
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Happy Planner

$29.99 - $34.99, with extension packs beginning at $4.99
BUY NOW (#CommissionsEarned) The Happy Planner appears to be like intimidating in the beginning. It comes in Big, Medium, and Mini, with two different structure alternatives and not obligatory focuses available — together with budget, faith, fitness, trainer, pupil, and extra. It also permits for easy pull-out and insertion of particular extension packs, and sells additional stickers that can assist you visualize reminders and appointments — great for the ADHD crowd, as long as you'll be mindful the place you place your stickers! Sound confusing? Don’t worry: the Happy Planner website has a lot of tutorials, blog posts, Pinterest ideas, and more. “I like that I will customize it by means of adding and eliminating other sorts of pages… It additionally provides me an outlet for my creativity… and makes my planner inviting,” said one ADDitude reader. Another added, “I really like that you'll be able to customize it with stickers and make it your personal.” Read more reviews and info.
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Passion Planner

$30.00 - $35.00
BUY NOW (#CommissionsEarned) The Passion Planner is available in Yearly, Academic, and Undated flavors, so you'll choose the layout that’s best for you at hand for the ones people who demand choice. Regardless of format, all Passion Planners come with demanding situations, quotes, personal and work to-do lists, and clean pages. Best of all, they offer all the calendar, whole with extras, without spending a dime via pdf. “I exploit a Passion Planner; using pencil and paper makes occasions extra real and is helping me take into account things,” stated one ADDitude reader. “It additionally has a breakdown of the week via half-hour increments. Paper planners are like glasses for individuals who are time-blind. They remind me to devour, workout, and cross to school classes. They have additionally helped me to bear in mind birthdays and other necessary holidays or occasions.” “My favourite is the Passion Planner as it will provide you with a sense of what's going on all through the week like the At A Glance planners, but it also contains areas for different bits such as objectives and to-do lists,” mentioned every other reader. “It helped me consider the large picture via having reminders along find out how to review my objectives and the way my day by day schedule helps me achieve my targets. I additionally just like the inspirational quotes. They have been priceless throughout my school years.” Read more reviews and info.
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Panda Planner

BUY NOW (#CommissionsEarned) Panda Planner claims that will help you "rewire your brain happiness" by means of organizing every aspect of your life — development mini-routines, growing a dependancy of positivity, and cultivating a expansion mindset. Is that all? Whew! It follows a easy undated layout and springs only in three-month increments. Every day gets two complete pages, however you get 6 or 12 per 30 days pages, relying at the fashion, to peer you via to the rest of the yr. Panda Planner makes a speciality of developing happiness and productivity, while other planners, like the Passion Planner, focus on group and mirrored image. One reader told us, “Writing on paper is beneficial, and I to find the layout simple to use. Most importantly, regardless that, the spaces for mirrored image, positivity, and enhancements needed for tomorrow are what sets it aside from different paper planners.” Read more reviews and info.
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Simple Elephant Planner

BUY NOW (#CommissionsEarned) The Simple Elephant Planner calls itself "The best agenda day planner to help you achieve your goals, plus increase productivity and passion and happiness.” To that end, it includes a gratitude journal, mind map section, vision board, and bonus stickers." That’s so much in a single position. To allow you to make the most of all of it, the Simple Elephant site contains how-to movies, motivational videos, and more. Readers told us, “The dates are left clean so it can be any 12 months, month, day. If I put out of your mind to use it for every week or two, I will get started again with out feeling like I wasted the whole thing. It shall we me make notes for daily accomplishments, set objectives and evaluate what went smartly and what didn't.” If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to decide to — or need — two full pages in step with day, this lower-key planner is also best for you. Read more reviews and info.
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Bullet Journal

$8.ninety four and up
BUY NOW (#CommissionsEarned) Bullet Journal (which calls itself “the analogue version for the virtual age”) requires nothing greater than a pen and a pocket book. That’s it. Multiple online tutorials explain the way to create and handle a bullet magazine, but principally the idea is that you design a planner that works for YOU, now not the wrong way around — best for other folks with ADHD whose brains diverge from the neurotypical. The perfect (and maximum succinct) tutorials can also be found at BulletJournal.com and The Lazy Genius Collective. “Helpful if you make a pact to make use of it on a daily basis… the maker of the Bullet Journal has ADHD,” mentioned one reader, who really useful YouTube for lend a hand getting began. Because you'll be able to customize your bullet magazine any approach you wish to have, one reader stated he makes use of his to make a automobile maintenance tracker and “I don’t have car problems because I do not know once I took it to the garage the closing time.” People told us it has modified their lives, and “getting to paint and tick off pieces on a list is a mini reward.” This was by means of a ways our neighborhood’s most popular planner. Read more reviews and info.
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Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

BUY NOW (#CommissionsEarned) The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook offers you the freedom of a pen and paper notebook — whilst also providing precious backup by way of in an instant sending the entirety you write into the Cloud using your smartphone. Pilot FrixLon Pens permit you to erase and reuse the use of your microwave, and each notebook comes with one pen. With clean pages, you’d use this like a standard bullet journal. “I adore it because it may well connect with a virtual reproduction of my notes,” stated one reader. So if you happen to lose your cherished bullet magazine an actual possibility for many of us you still have a safety net. Read more reviews and info.
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Living Well Planner

BUY NOW The Living Well Planner says it will “permit you to tame your time table, overcome your price range, plan your foods, and overwhelm your goals!” That’s a lot for one little guide. It gives each year-at-a-glance and day by day to-do lists, budgeting lend a hand, meal making plans, and buying groceries on the same web page as your schedule, plus a step by step plan for meeting your targets. “I love to make use of the weekly and day by day notepads from Living Well Spending Less,” said one ADDitude reader. “They separate the record via must do, should do, and would find irresistible to do. It makes to-do lists such a lot more uncomplicated. Added bonus is that they’re very affordable!”
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Simplified Planner

$24 - $60
BUY NOW Simplified Planners are available in two other editions: Academic (August-July) and Calendar (January-December), with both a 12-month day-to-day or weekly layout. The Daily version makes use of someday consistent with web page, whilst the weekly version will provide you with a complete week according to two-page unfold. “The Simplified Planner we could me have the ability to listing out things do and be able to glance again,” stated one reader, who uses the daily edition with its hourly increments. #CommissionsEarned
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