Free Webinar Replay: Best Behavior: Classroom Strategies for Students with ADHD


The get started of a brand new faculty yr brings trade upon trade, transition upon transition — all of which pose outsized challenges for students with ADHD. Anxiety may result in distractibility, which interferes with attention and learning. Or it's going to result in impulsivity and hyperactivity — a foul aggregate in the classroom. During discussions, a scholar with ADHD would possibly steadily interrupt or distract other students or lose center of attention. He would possibly act earlier than he thinks, leading to unexpected aggression. Or she may free up her power by means of talking with neighbors who're seeking to work.

In different words, there are lots of tactics by which ADHD signs may intrude with a kid’s ability to make instructional progress, and impede studying for all the elegance. As a consequence, students with ADHD are frequently socially isolated and bullied; lecturers and oldsters are incessantly looking to make certain changes — speedy. Fortunately, research-based strategies can ease the trail to good fortune.

In this webinar, lecturers and oldsters will be told:

  1. Why standard behavior plans don’t work for students with ADHD
  2. Three tips for managing ADHD behavior at school
  3. How generation can help set up behavior
  4. How to stay distracted children on job
  5. The benefits of “fidgets”
  6. Five techniques to control excess power
  7. Strategies for dealing with “impolite” behavior and impulsivity
  8. When teachers should get help
  9. What folks can do to support good behavior at house

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Shari Gent, M.S., NCED, is an education specialist, consultant, and diagnostician in non-public follow in Fremont, California, where she focuses on providing services, tests, and instructor trainings with a focal point on students with ADHD and govt function disorders. She is formerly with the California Department of Education where she equipped products and services and training with a multi-disciplinary group. Shari has seemed on National Public Radio and introduced at conferences all over the country. She is a dad or mum of a young grownup with ADHD and is a CHADD coordinator, Parent to Parent teacher, and serves at the editorial advisory board of Attention mag.

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This ADHD Experts webinar used to be first broadcast live to tell the tale August 10, 2017.

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