Free Webinar Replay: ADHD Plus: Diagnosing and Treating Comorbid Conditions in Children


A mom and her son walk out of the physician’s place of work, relieved that the child has gained an ADHD diagnosis. Finally, there is an reason behind his consideration and emotional struggles in class and at home. Six months later, after taking ADHD drugs and seeing gentle improvement in some signs, they realize that other symptoms have worsened. Another seek advice from with a developmental pediatrician unearths, after further testing, that the child also has generalized nervousness disorder. Mom and son throw up their arms.

As it turns out, children (and adults) living with ADHD in most cases have extra going on than ADHD by myself. Research suggests that almost two-thirds have a comorbid condition. From developmental delays to finding out disabilities to mental well being concerns like mood issues, these different conditions could also be as impactful as ADHD itself. How are we able to absolute best overview and address this all-too-common side of ADHD care?

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • how an initial evaluation of ADHD must address the possibility of comorbid conditions
  • how studying disabilities, anxiousness, or autistic spectrums issues mimic ADHD – and how they have interaction with ADHD
  • the most efficient manner and framework for diagnosing a comorbid situation
  • which situation must be handled first: ADHD or a comorbid condition
  • when to think again an ADHD diagnosis for comorbid conditions

Webinar replays come with:

  • Slides accompanying the webinar
  • Related resources from ADDitude
  • Free newsletter updates about ADHD

This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live to tell the tale June 1, 2018.

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Dr. Mark Bertin is a developmental pediatrician in Pleasantville, New York, and writer of The Family ADHD Solution, which integrates mindfulness into evidence-based ADHD care. He is an assistant professor of pediatrics at New York Medical College, on the faculty of the Windward Teacher Training Institute, and at the editorial advisory board of Common Sense Media. His blog is to be had via Huffington Post and Psychology Today. For more information, seek advice from his website online,

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