“Do I Have Autism? ADHD? Both? An Adult’s Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment” [Video Replay & Podcast #354]

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ADHD is among the maximum common co-occurring prerequisites for individuals on the autism spectrum. Adults with ADHD and ASD diagnoses enjoy a poorer high quality of existence and less evolved communique and social abilities than do the ones with ASD by myself. Surprisingly, almost all that we know in regards to the intersection of ADHD and ASD comes from studies with youngsters.

What about adults? Does ADHD persist into adulthood for adults on the autism spectrum? How do clinicians tease apart those diagnoses? Are adults diagnosed with ASD suffering from ADHD in the same ways as kids? What can we do to reinforce adults who have both diagnoses?

Stakeholders at the autism spectrum, their households, and clinicians are on the lookout for data on diagnosis, treatment, and results for individuals suffering from both ADHD and ASD. Here, Benjamin Yerys, Ph.D., will talk about the most recent research about co-occurring ADHD and autism, the most efficient methods for diagnosis, probably the greatest therapies, and long run directions to toughen adults diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

In this webinar, you'll be informed:

  • Best practices for making an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in adulthood taking into account common co-occurring stipulations (i.e. ADHD, anxiety)
  • How ADHD affects folks at the autism spectrum
  • Currently available therapies for people with ADHD and ASD diagnoses
  • Long-term results for adults with ADHD and ASD diagnoses

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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Benjamin E. Yerys, Ph.D., is a certified psychologist within the Center for Autism Research (CAR) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry on the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Yerys leads CAR’s research at the mind foundation and remedy of attention and govt serve as. Dr. Yerys analysis has been funded by means of the National Institute of Mental Health and personal foundations (Philadelphia Foundation, McMorris Foundation). Dr. Yerys conducts evaluations for kids and adolescents suspected of an ASD at the Outpatient Clinic of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. |See expert’s full bio »

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Listener Testimonials

“Excellent trainer: delightful, attention-grabbing, packed with data. I would really like to have an extended training from him.”

“This webinar was once so eye-opening and helpful! Thank you very much in your transparent, informative presentation.”

“Excellent matter. I work with ASD teenagers and most are recognized with ADHD as neatly. More of this please!”

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