Free Webinar Replay: All the Feels: An ADHD Guide to Emotional Dysregulation and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria


People with ADHD feel emotions more intensely, extra regularly, and extra all at once. For many, emotional dysregulation is one of the most challenging core signs of ADHD to manage. In fact, one third of adults with ADHD say the inability to organize their feelings is the maximum impairing aspect in their ADHD, adversely affecting paintings efficiency and personal relationships.

Among the largest emotional challenges going through adults with ADHD is Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, an excessive sensitivity to complaint and judgment that seems to exist handiest in the ones diagnosed with the dysfunction. The excellent news is that sure ADHD medications can relieve RSD for about half of people diagnosed with it.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why emotional dysregulation is now regarded as a primary and fundamental characteristic of ADHD at all levels in the life cycle
  • How out-of-control emotions undermine relationships, self-confidence, and a robust sense of self
  • Why Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria is also distinctive to folks with ADHD
  • How cognitive behavioral techniques and dialectical behavior treatment can set up emotional dysregulation at all ages
  • The go-to medicines that may prevent emotional impulsivity

Webinar replays include:

  • Slides accompanying the webinar
  • Related resources from ADDitude
  • Free publication updates about ADHD

This ADHD Experts webinar was once first broadcast survive May 23, 2019.

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Dr. William W. Dodson is a board-certified grownup psychiatrist who has specialized in adults with ADHD for the ultimate 25 years. He used to be named a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association in reputation of his scientific contributions to the box of ADHD (2012).  He was once recipient of the Maxwell Schleifer Award for Distinguished Service to Persons with Disabilities (2006). Dr. Dodson has a consultative practice in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and is a member of ADDitude’s ADHD Medical Review Panel.

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