Free Webinar Replay: Build Life-Long Executive Function Skills in Your Child with ADHD


Are you growing increasingly more annoyed with your child’s outbursts, disorganization, or forgetfulness at house? You’re not on my own. Many folks lengthy for relief from the pressures of college handiest to seek out that their kids proceed to fight every day with executive dysfunctions related to ADHD.

Summer is a smart time for circle of relatives adventures and down time, nevertheless it’s also very best for development your child’s executive functioning skills. It will also be more uncomplicated to show emotional law, group, and working reminiscence without the pressure of academic tasks and the weight of homework. Instead of inundating your child with reminders or arguments about chores, cleanliness, and following directions, work with him to find practical solutions that foster cooperation and connection.

Whether you’re touring on holiday or staying at house, continue to expand those all-important facets of daily living to help your family now — and clean out the transition again to school. By opting for mutual targets, learning efficient tools for self-management, and developing potential routines, you’ll train your child or teen to perform issues with fewer arguments and extra buy-in. These positive changes will build lasting skills for independence.

In this webinar, you'll learn to:

  • Identify triggers, scale back meltdowns, and build strength of will
  • Improve operating reminiscence skills past reminders and “nagging”
  • Create easy, practical organizational techniques
  • Develop routines that foster independence and get issues finished
  • Collaboratively decide at the objectives and demanding situations that almost all impact your child
  • Use the highly beneficial 5Cs way to each of those challenges

Webinar replays come with:

  • Slides accompanying the webinar
  • Related sources from ADDitude
  • Free publication updates about ADHD

This ADHD Experts webinar used to be first broadcast survive July 30, 2019.

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Sharon Saline, Psy.D., an authorized scientific psychologist with greater than 30 years’ experience, is a top professional on ADHD, anxiety, learning differences and mental health demanding situations and their impact on faculty and family dynamics. Her unique point of view, a sibling of a child who wrestled with untreated ADHD, combined with decades of academic excellence and clinical enjoy, assists her in guiding households as they navigate from the complicated maze of diagnoses and battle to successful interventions and connections. Dr. Saline funnels this experience into her new book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life. Heralded as an invaluable resource, her e-book is the recipient of two highly-acclaimed awards: Best Book Awards winner by means of American Book Fest and the Gold Medal from Moms’ Choice Awards. Learn extra at

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