“Move Forward: How Exercise Optimizes the ADHD Brain” [Video Replay & Podcast #286]

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Solid proof shows that exercise exerts powerful affect over the structure, function, and building of the brain in the short- and long-term. What’s more, psychological well being researchers have just lately begun to inspect whether exercise could be a instrument for people to regulate their ADHD. Indeed, exercise is related to greater ranges of dopamine and norepinephrine — two brain chemicals additionally stimulated via ADHD medicines to urge progressed focus, motivation, and temper.

More research is had to totally understand the exercise-ADHD connection, but there are already many reasons why children and adults with ADHD will have to imagine exercise as a supplement to therapy and medication. I can present the latest analysis to shed light on the benefits of exercise for people with ADHD, the unique challenges of attractive in exercise in case you have ADHD, and techniques for how to overcome them.

In this webinar, you are going to be informed from Patrick LaCount, Ph.D., about:

  • The advantages of exercise on mental and bodily health
  • The neuropsychological elements that may make exercise specifically advisable for folks  with ADHD
  • The latest analysis on the benefits of physical exercise for children and adults with ADHD
  • Strategies that can assist you conquer procrastination and lack of motivation relating to exercise

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More on ADHD and Exercise:

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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Patrick LaCount, Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Child Health, Behavior, and Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. His work specializes in the manifestation and treatment of ADHD in adolescence and early maturity. In addition to publishing clinical papers on traditional cognitive-behavioral and skills-based remedy approaches (e.g., time management), Dr. LaCount research how health behaviors—in particular physical exercise—can also be leveraged to strengthen the self-management of ADHD and the health of teenagers and younger adults with ADHD. His research has gained recognition from the scientific community, including receiving grant investment from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the Young Scientist Research Award from CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD). Dr. LaCount is enthusiastic about the translation and dissemination of science to the ADHD group and is a analysis marketing consultant for the “How to ADHD” YouTube channel.| See expert’s full bio »

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