“ADHD and Food Dyes, Nutrition, and Supplements: The Latest Science On What Dietary Changes Improve (or Worsen) Symptoms” [Video Replay & Podcast #291]

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The role of nutrition in exacerbating or improving ADHD symptoms has been hotly debated for half a century. In the past decade, although, the proof has change into transparent: aspects of nutrition do impact ADHD. Yet controversy over diet’s position in managing ADHD continues, especially referring to which vitamin interventions are relevant, and who may respond favorably to those dietary changes.

Dietary efforts most often come with particular person nutrient supplements, dietary exclusions, and food dye limits or bans. Today, researchers are busily refocusing and re-evaluating the impact of artificial food dyes on ADHD symptoms.

Listen and be told from Joel Nigg, Ph.D., about:

  • What are the varieties of dietary changes hypothesized to have an effect on ADHD symptoms
  • Which dietary interventions have some clinical proof of efficacy
  • The science in the back of artificial food dyes’ effect on ADHD
  • Results of the primary meta-analyses of food dyes and ADHD
  • How a family or an individual can remove food dyes from the diet

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Meet the Expert Speaker

Joel Nigg, Ph.D., is a professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and Director of the Division of Psychology at Oregon Health & Science University. He is a number one researcher in the field of ADHD and the writer of over two hundred clinical papers. He is the creator of a up to date e-book for folks that addresses lifestyle and environment approaches to ADHD, Getting Ahead of ADHD: What Next Generation Science Says about Treatments That Work—And How You can Make them Work for Your Child (New York, Guilford Press, 2017). He also maintains a weblog via Psychology Today. For additional information, visit Dr. Nigg’s personal webpage here. | See expert’s full bio »

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Listener Testimonials

  • “Very well-presented. Dr. Nigg took numerous technical knowledge and broke it down in order that it was once readily understood & attention-grabbing.”
  • “I actually enjoyed the degree of the talk and presenting of the studies, as an alternative of it being dumbed down as is so ceaselessly the case.”
  • “Such a perfect mixture of clinical facts and interpretation into everyday working out and software! Thank you.”

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