Expert Webinar Replay: “What Do You Mean?” Language Processing Deficits in Children with ADHD


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More than a couple of children with ADHD have issue figuring out oral directions and information. They listen the phrases and repeat them back, but they are able to’t retain and interpret the message encoded in the words. For many of these children, a language-processing disorder is also impairing their skill to attach which means to verbal input and to formulate an acceptable reaction.

Children with language deficits would possibly take a long time to respond to a question, feel lost when listening to stories with lots of occasions and characters, and use generic language as an alternative of specific words (announcing “the item” as an alternative of “the pocket book”). Here, Dr. Richard will give an explanation for common language-processing demanding situations and provide ideas for growing more potent skills and for facilitating improved processing at home and in school.

In this webinar, you will be informed:

  • How to differentiate language-processing deficits from auditory processing challenges and ADHD symptoms
  • Common signs of language-processing deficits in children
  • How language-processing challenges impact a child’s social talents
  • How to pursue a radical, correct prognosis
  • How to atone for language-processing problems
  • Tips and methods for addressing language-processing challenges at home and in faculty

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Meet the Expert Speaker
Gail J. Richard, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is an emeritus professor at Eastern Illinois University, specializing in youth developmental language problems, such as autistic spectrum issues, language-processing, government purposes, and selective mutism. She has written 10 books and has given over 500 shows sharing her sensible scientific viewpoint. She is a fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and serves as president of that group in 2017.

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