“How Oppositional Defiant Disorder Ruptures Families — and How You Can Learn to Manage It” [Video Replay & Podcast #349]

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is one in every of ADHD’s maximum not unusual co-existing prerequisites with a 20-45% comorbidity price, yet little is known about its reasons and therapies. This lack of significant consciousness and working out is even more puzzling when you believe how ODD ruins the lives of such a lot of kids and their families.

Children, youth, and adults with ODD are genetically and neurologically hardwired to oppose, thwart, and frustrate everyone who they perceive as telling them what to do. This brings them into battle with virtually everyone — academics, regulation enforcement, employers, and particularly parents and spouses. Individuals with ODD lead lives of battle that troubles and tortures them, their families, and their non-public and skilled lives.

ODD is a separate condition from ADHD with its own distinctive symptoms. It’s vital to acknowledge those hallmarks — and to watch for and prevent the issues that ODD creates. Successful remedy frequently calls for behavioral control ways and pharmacological methods, regardless that there is no medication authorized by way of the FDA explicitly for the treatment of ODD. Creative techniques are ceaselessly required for attractive other people with ODD in therapy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How ADHD and ODD overlap in symptoms, genetics, and treatment
  • How ODD might spontaneously cross away or get much worse and grow to be Conduct Disorder
  • How to put in force the 2 behavioral treatments for kids and young people with ODD
  • How to use medication in conjunction with behavioral management ways
  • How untreated ODD/CD can harm lives, relationships, families, marriages, and jobs

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Meet the Expert Speaker

Dr. Bill Dodson is a board-certified grownup psychiatrist who has specialized in adults with ADHD for the last 25 years. He was once named a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association in popularity of his medical contributions to the field of ADHD (2012).  He was once recipient of the national Maxwell Schleifer Award for Distinguished Service to Persons with Disabilities (2006). Dr. Dodson is semi-retired and maintains a consultative apply in Greenwood Village, Colorado. | See expert’s full bio »

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Listener Testimonials

“Thank you such a lot for a very good evaluate of ODD. It’s a particularly difficult and separating condition for the struggling kid and all of the family.”

“This webinar was once very elucidative. I really preferred that Dr. Dodson was immediately forward and didn’t sugar coat the subject.”

“As a mom of a 26 yr outdated sensible, incarcerated son, I have received such a lot of answers. I wanted to cry as a result of all those years on my own attempting to take care of this unknown. At least I now have answers.”

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