“How to Build Confidence in Your Child with ADHD” [Video Replay & Podcast #168]

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Research means that, by the age of 10, a child with ADHD will receive 20,000 more negative messages than will her neurotypical friends. Due to consideration deficits, impulsivity, and executive serve as deficits beyond their regulate, children with ADHD battle day-to-day to turn out that they measure up to their classmates. Still, they face unfavourable comments and consequences that may weigh down their self-confidence if now not counterbalanced with sure parenting tactics at home.

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Meet the Expert Speaker

Kirk Martin, the founder of Celebrate Calm, and his son, Casey, both have ADHD. Together, they have got given 500,000 parents practical, concrete strategies to prevent energy struggles, meltdowns, and yelling. You can succeed in Kirk at www.CelebrateCalm.com.

Listener testimonials:

  • “This used to be an ideal podcast! Loved the concrete tools and the spot on descriptions of adult-children interactions in quite a few scenarios. I took a lot away from this hour!! Thank you!!”
  • “TRULY the VERY BEST podcast I’ve had the privilege to pay attention…I’ve listened to most of the years with ADDitude! I am grateful for all you proportion. “
  • “This podcast actually had me in tears! So informative. Thank you!”

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