Live Webinar on March 30: What Is Your Child’s Sensory Profile? Strategies for Supporting Children with ADHD and SPD


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Parenting a kid with ADHD and sensory processing dysfunction (SPD) requires an figuring out of your child’s sensory needs as well as the equipment to beef up those wishes. Personalizing parental beef up based totally on a child’s “sensory profile” can help you effectively co-regulate with your kid and facilitate self-regulation over the years. This working out will empower you to higher recommend for your kid, which will, in flip, allow them to self-advocate at school and in existence.

Pediatric occupational therapist Candace Peterson M.S., OTRL, a consultant in sensory processing and implications for ADHD and SPD, will display you the right way to resolve your child’s sensory profile, provide you with sensible strategies that will help you lean into his or her strengths, and equip you and your child to beef up sensory methods.

In this webinar you are going to be told:

  • How to undertake a neurodiversity-affirming mindset that may shift your approach to parenting your child with ADHD and SPD
  • What sensory processing way and easy methods to establish your child’s particular sensory wishes and profile
  • How to resolve your personal sensory profile and be present and regulated during frustrating interactions with your child
  • Tools and guidelines for folks to reinforce your child’s sensory needs
  • Parenting strategies that will help you co-regulate with your kid and foster self-regulation over time


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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Candace Peterson MS, OTRL, is an occupational therapist who has served children (ages 0-18) and their households for the past 9 years, operating in colleges, clinics, and properties. She holds a bachelor level in psychology and an M.S. in occupational therapy. Candace has also been trained in sensory processing, feeding and eating, motor building, government functioning, and visual processing. She has a keenness for addressing sensory processing wishes through Sensory Integration Therapy, which she believes helps children learn how to participate effectively in day-to-day actions.

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