“Vaping and Teens with ADHD: A Parents’ Guide to Prevention, Cessation, and Treatment” [Video Replay & Podcast #253]

Episode Description

imageVaping — the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced through heated nicotine liquid — is a virus in this day and age. Though e-cigarettes have been around for more than a decade, vaping charges have skyrocketed in recent years, particularly amongst teens. Known dangers of vaping come with lung irritation, larger levels of cancer agents and heavy metals, and elevated center fee and blood pressure.

Vaping is so new that parents of teens with attention deficit dysfunction (ADHD or ADD) don’t know all of its risks and caution indicators. To give protection to your child in opposition to vaping’s antagonistic effects, you additionally need to know the way teens purchase vaping devices and the felony consequences of a minor owning one. Enlisting faculties to provide educational strategies for lecturers and scholars is a very powerful early step — partially as a result of prevention is a lot easier than treatment later on, and peer education can play crucial role.

In this webinar you'll be informed from Kristin Seymour, MSN, RN, AHCNS, about:

  • The many health-related risks of vaping and its link to dependency and overuse
  • Why stimulation-seeking teens diagnosed with ADHD are at an larger possibility of vaping
  • How your teen can deal with peer pressure about vaping
  • How to discuss vaping with your kids
  • The 3 signs/symptoms that your teen could also be vaping
  • How students download vaping units and ingredients at the Internet
  • How to detect/test your kid for the presence of nicotine at home
  • Finding a clinician, should you suspect your teen is hooked

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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Kristin Seymour, MSN, RN, AHCNS is a board-certified Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist with ADHD. Kristin consults with folks of kids with ADHD, colleagues, educators, and friends to talk about the ADHD diagnostic procedure and gear wanted for good fortune. Kristin currently works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with the Heart & Vascular Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, in addition to coaching sufferers in her private apply. She is an lively member of CHADD, the American College of Cardiology (ACC), a common podcaster on Ned Hallowell’s Distraction, and a contributing writer for ADDitude magazine. Kristin is author of The Fog Lifted: A Clinician’s Victorious Journey with ADHD. Kristin may also be reached at [email protected] For additional info, discuss with adhdfoglifted.com. | See expert’s full bio »

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  • “Excellent research at the matter of digital smoking devices.”

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